Everything started 4 years ago on October 1st 2010, when I first opened my blog “Kiki’s Book of Dreams”. The blog was more of a diary to me, in which I shared my style, creations and everything interesting happening in my life.

By then I was very passionate about fashion and modeling, but everything changed when I started experimenting with food and cooking. I indulged this new passion into my blogging activity by posting recipes (mostly sweets) in step-by-step photography. Since cooking is a fun activity and it can bring you joy at any time, soon my goal was to make people like (and why not love), or even consider cooking at home, so they would probably have the chance to discover something new about themselves and enjoy the perks of being a home-cook.

Soon my blog became very popular and people seemed to really like my cooking posts. Sweets and deserts is my speciality and what i enjoy the most, so this is what I’ve been experimenting more during all this time. After 3 and half years working for Kiki’s Book of Dreams I thought it was about time to create something more professional and to put more in focus my creations and not myself.

After a long time of big wishes and hard work, I was was able (and very lucky) to gather an amazing group of people and create a very fantastic team. Sharing thoughts and brainstorming together we came up with Kikiliciouss, a new webpage with a whole new dimension.

Now-on, Kikiliciouss will offer more thematic materials, organized on a one-week-basis and on different categories. We will be posting three times a week: Tuesday is the Cooking day (sweets recipe); Wednesday is the Lifestyle day (alternative topics); and Saturday is Cocktails day (cocktail recipe). So we will basically open the week with a sweet, as a week should start; and close it with a cocktail to welcome the fun weekend.

Referring to the Lifestyle posts of Wednesdays, they will include different topics, starting from fashion, to interior, DIY tips, traveling, editorials I like, inspiring pages etc. I would also like to introduce another new entry, “Ask Kiki” column, where you can ask me anything you would like to know and I will make a specific post about all your questions (you can ask by email, web, facebook, twitter, instagram).

Since on this web we are starting fresh, we will be posting everything old and new, on a new style and better quality. This first week we will leave you time to read and enjoy the new material already posted below, and next Tuesday, we will meet with new and very interesting posts.

We all are eagerly waiting to know your opinion on the new platform we are introducing, so please feel welcome to share your thoughts with us !

P.S- There is always a last part for dedications and thanking. I’d really like to thank at first place my family for the continuos support, especially my uncle and aunt ! I’m also grateful to all the amazing friends i have ! Least but not last, we shot the picture of this opening post at a very special location, so I would like to thank our newest friends Gloria and Ledia from the marvelous vintage shop “Vendi Sekret“, for collaborating with us ! Thank you all of you !

Much love, Kiki !

 Photography by Eranda Janku, unless otherwise stated